“Great news!!" 應英系與美國Johnson Control (Hitachi) 產學合作成功!


"Great news!!"


應英系與美國Johnson Control (Hitachi) 產學合作成功!!


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Journal of Applied English

Journal of Applied English The Journal of Applied English is an international journal for publication of research in all aspects of English language studies and applied linguistics including teaching English as a second or foreign language (TESL and TEFL), English for a specific purpose (ESP) or an academic purpose (EAP), e-learning, various forms of emersion programs, language policies, corpus linguistics, testing, etc. It is a peer-reviewed journal published two times a year (in June and December) with a primary object to provide scholars, practitioners, and decision makers an avenue to share inquiry-based knowledge. We welcome papers that are newly developed with a qualitative or quantitative design or a combined one on topics in relevant areas. Submitted manuscripts are expected to be written in English and should not have been published in or under review with other journals. Once a manuscript is submitted, a rigorous process begins with the editors’ initial analysis of its nature and quality, and then with the editors’ approval two reviewers will be invited to review the manuscript and determine its publication.
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